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  • Do schools kill creativity?

    permalinkSun 24 May 2009

    An inspirational talk about education and creativity in the real world, with spanish subtitles:

    Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity from TED Talks.

  • New skate video in progress

    permalinkSun 10 May 2009

    The upcoming VLC skate video will be co-produced by Zityest Shop and OldRats Productions. Here's the trailer:

    Tirar Palante (2009) Trailer.

  • Winners!

    permalinkMon 27 April 2009

    Yeah! Día y Noche won the first place prize in the skate video contest 'Batalla de Promos'. The top 3 awarded videos were:
    1. Día y Noche (Valencia)
    2. Remember Films (Valencia)
    3. US Skate (Castellón)

    batalla promosbatalla promosbatalla promos

    update: You can watch the video in HD at YouTube.

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