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Just simple questions:

What is Speed Zine Media?

Speed Zine is a video art group which is involved in very different media productions. The founders were Javier Montero and Luis Leiva, but currently Luis is the only general director. We are focusing our efforts in some assorted styles, from documentals to experimental video works.

When was born Speed Zine Media?

In early 1992 Javier Montero and Luis Leiva founded Speed 'Zine, a short paper magazine about skateboarding. In 1996 the mag was over, but the name was still alive. In 1998 Luis Leiva took the firm alone and started filming, and in 2001 his first skate video (metacrónico) appeared with the old speed logo. Nowadays you can watch some different video footage from speed zine media. Check out the video section in this website.

Why Speed Zine Media?

We want to make any kind of videos, and we decided to use the old speed name to bring you new ideas. We are here to experiment with tecnology, art, spaces, sounds and music. And we want to trasmit these expressions through the audiovisual media.

How can Speed Zine Media help you?

If you want to develop any kind of video work and you don't know how, contact speed zine media and tell us your story. We will do anything we can do for you. In good [works] we trust.