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Director: L. Leiva, H. Miralles, N. Canales
Editor: Luis Leiva
Category: Skateboarding
Running time: 00:29:14
Production date: June 2009
Format: HDV 1080i
Language: None
Visits: 5009
Notes: None


There is a word that sumarizes this work perfectly: familiar. This a skate video made with love, by skaters and for skaters. All valencian riders meet the Madrid family. Each one skates on chillin' sessions, and they clear up that the only thing which you need to have a good time is friendship and fun.

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Uploaded: Thu 27 October 2022
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1. rafa granero alvaro [29/Oct/2009 18:58:10]

si una cosa me puedes decir el nombre de las canciones esk en el video nose lee muy bn sobre todo me interesa la ultima k es en frances gracias tio por cieerto montas los videos de puta madree aaw

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